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Sandwich Spotlight: T&M Sidewalk Cafe

T&M Sidewalk Cafe was founded on the Danforth in Toronto way back in 1970 by Mary and Tony Ruscillo. While it started its life as a bar, it's had many personalities in the past 50 years, featuring pool tables, dance floors, and DJs. The daughters of Toni and Mary grew up with the place, and have helped to carve out its identity.

When the pandemic struck and folks weren't allowed inside establishments, their daughter Enza pitched a new spin for the cafe. They'd keep the cocktails and coffee, but add some panini and anti-pasta platters as well, and make it the ultimate hangout cafe. This is where things start looking great for sandwich enthusiasts like us.

You'll see they call the sandwiches panino on their menu. If the words panino and panini coexisting confuses you, that's because you're as bad at Italian as we are. It turns out panino is singular, panini is plural. The Ruscillo family doesn't get confused about this for a second though, because they are Italian to the core. Take one look inside the cafe and you'll see shelves full of authentic Italian olives, pasta, wine, desserts, and more.

The only time ingredients aren't sourced directly from Italy is when they can be sourced from other local business. Enza believes local business are the heart of the community (and so do we). A lover of the community, she has raised thousands of dollars for charities through her "Big Love - Parties with Purpose" initiative. She has also organized a Holiday Market featuring stalls of local business and artisans Dec 4 and 5th, accompanied by complimentary hot chocolate and good vibes.

Back to sandwiches. When it comes to their sandwiches, you'll feel transported directly to Italy. With lots of variety, you'll be able to find the perfect panino that calls directly to you. And then make sure you've got some napkins handy, as T&M understands a good sandwich depends on pushing the limits of what the bread can stand. So it is with great pride, we are able to offer up this fine selection of Panini T-Shirts featuring some of our favourites from T&M Sidewalk Cafe. Be sure to stop by and try out their panini, and then grab a hold on to that memory forever.

You can find them at in person at 1344 Danforth ave in Toronto, or on online at their website, instagram, Ritual, and Facebook.