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As a general rule, clothing is not optional. If getting dressed is mandatory, many flock to the t-shirt: the most versatile piece of clothing on the planet. Another generally accepted requirement is food: we need to eat to survive. And what food is more ubiquitous, more universally enjoyed and adapted, than our dear old sandwich?

Sandwich T-Shirts Dot Com combines these two stalwart beacons of functionality, necessity, and perfection. Our t-shirts pay homage to the sandwiches that delight and nourish us. There are no logos, no branding, no advertising - simply a delicious image of a sandwich you'd like to eat. What else would you want to display on your chest?

There are only three certainties in life: t-shirts, sandwiches, and shipping charges. We got rid of the shipping charges too, so over here at Sandwich T-shirts all you have to worry about is choosing your favourite sandwich, and then selecting your preferred t-shirt size.

T-Shirts are made on-demand through Gelato, a printing platform which sources local printing companies to supply your orders on demand. The average processing time is 72 hours from order to delivery. You can find more information on our printing partner Gelato on their website.